3 reasons talented designers fail

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Some designers seem like they have it all: the magazine features, the TV interviews, the book deals…

But just a few short years later, it’s like they simply disappear. What happens to them?

Believe it or not, it’s often that their businesses have failed!

Some have gone back to working for other firms, and some are moonlighting for others while ostensibly keeping their own businesses running. Either way, their time in the spotlight is done. And as their fame fades, their business disappears right along with it.

As a designer, your talent and creativity can help push you to the top of your field… but it’s not enough to keep you there.

Watch this video to discover why talent alone is not enough for your business to survive – much less thrive – and what you can do so your business doesn’t suffer the same fate!

Success in designing is not just because of your talent… it’s because of your dedication to your business.

There will always be clients, and there will always be opportunities for you to get the exposure and fame that you seek. But at the end of the day, steady, reliable work is what you’ll need so that you can continue to do what you love to do most: design!

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