Good Harvest Marketing

We help professional interior designers create thriving, 6-figure businesses they love.

Designers who work with us would rather spend their time designing, relaxing with their families, or taking a well-earned vacation than trying to grow their businesses on their own by trial-and-error.

Co-founders Nona Patrick and Grael Norton are the same way. They only care about one thing when it comes to business: doing what works!

Together they have nearly 25 years’ combined experience working in marketing and public relations – work that’s resulted in millions of dollars in trackable sales for clients ranging from large, multi-million-dollar corporations to smaller entrepreneurial companies with annual sales in the hundreds of thousands to a million dollars or more.

Read more about us below, then watch our training to discover the exact process we use to help designers grow their practices to 6 figures and beyond – all while spending more time doing what they love most!

Who We Are

Nona Patrick

Grand Junction, Colorado is known for its orchards and mountain ranges, and it’s Nona’s hometown. It helped nurture her love of spending afternoons in nature… and her determination to explore the wider world.

Since then Nona has lived in Spain, worked at the largest communications firm in Ecuador, served in Qatar in the US Air Force, and studied French in Toulouse.

It was through her travels that Nona developed an eye and a love for design.

Today, she brings her diverse background and talents in marketing and PR to bear for Good Harvest Marketing, the company she co-founded with her husband Grael that helps professional interior designers create thriving, 6-figure businesses they love.

Together with their two sons, Nona and Grael make their home in one of their favorite places: magical Tucson, Arizona.

Grael Norton

Grael was born in San Francisco, and has loved the sound of the ocean ever since.

After graduating from Columbia University and serving a brief stint in publishing in New York, he turned his attention to direct-response marketing and copywriting, hoping to create a life of freedom where he could live wherever he wanted to and travel often.

It worked!

Since co-founding Good Harvest Marketing with his wife the same year they got married, Grael has focused on helping professional residential interior designers grow their businesses so that they too can live how they please.

For Grael that means spending the entire summer exploring the world with his family, which lately has meant Greece, Vietnam, Mexico, and the desert Southwest.