How one designer creates livable luxury

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Deb Morelli is a Norwalk, Connecticut-based interior designer who creates comfortable homes for high-functioning, over-scheduled families so they can finally have it all.

Previously Deb worked a corporate career, but after she was laid off from her last position, she decided to take the leap and open her own interior design business – a lifelong dream.

Her number-one challenge when it came to starting her own business was not having the same “deep pockets” she’d had access to in her corporate jobs. She also knew she needed to figure out who she wanted to be as a designer… and who she wanted to design for.

All those unanswered questions left Deb feeling nervous and a little uneasy, but that didn’t stop her from finding the help she needed:

At first, Deb tried to do everything on her own, but she wasn’t getting where she wanted to go… and she definitely wasn’t getting there fast enough!

Today, after working together, Deb finally has the answers to all her unanswered questions, and her practice is filled with her ideal clients. In fact, Deb has a client who was so eager to pay her invoice that they drove to her house to deposit the check in her mailbox personally!

If you want clients who respect you and who are eager to pay you for your work, too, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and let’s work on getting you the results you want in your business next!

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