How to attract the right kind of clients

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Katie Geddes is a residential interior designer based in downtown Milford, Connecticut.

Katie’s always believed in working hard. She figured that simply by gritting her teeth, things would work out.

To that end, she was doing everything – and appearing everywhere – to market her business: on social media, in local media, on her own website and blog… she even wrote a book!

And yet, despite all her efforts, she wasn’t connecting with her ideal clients. In fact, the clients she was working with pushed back on her ideas, and even contested her invoices.

After awhile, Katie felt lost and totally burnt out. It wasn’t supposed to be this way! She was doing everything you’re supposed to do to market your business – so why wasn’t she thriving?

That’s when Katie reached out to us and we started working together:

For Katie, the most important step was recognizing that she needed help in the first place.

She realized that it’s not realistic to expect herself to be a master marketer and an amazing designer and to be able to operate a successful design business all on her own.

Instead, by reaching out for help, Katie saw immediate results in her practice. Just a few hours after tweaking one of her main marketing pieces, an ideal client called her out of the blue wanting to hire her on the spot!

Katie’s noticed changes in herself, too. She’s exuding a new kind of confidence as a business owner that she hadn’t before.

Today Katie’s at the top of her game, working with clients on projects she absolutely loves.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted your efforts to attract the right kind of clients for your business, too, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and let’s get you on the path to success right away!

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