Good Harvest Marketing clients are professional interior designers who want to create a thriving, 6-figure business they love.

They love selecting who they work with, how they spend their time, and how much money they make.

Above all, they believe in offering the highest quality of service to their communities.

Erin Haugerud

Erin Haugerud, EH Designs

Erin is the owner of EH Designs, a full-service, boutique interior design firm based in the Twin Cities.

I feared I would be stuck where I was forever… I was also fearful that if I narrowed my target market, there wouldn’t be enough clients. From literally day one, Nona addressed that concern – and she was right!

GHM helped me narrow my approach and hone in on who I was talking to vs. the clients I wanted to be talking to, and how to connect with them.

I now have confidence in my messaging. I know who is the right audience to target based on my goals for the business (not someone else’s goals), and the tools for marketing/networking/social media.

I wonder why it took me so long to seek this kind of amazing help.

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Veronica Sanders, Design with Veronica

Veronica Sanders owns Design with Veronica, a Dallas-based interior design firm that’s one of the leading Black-owned interior design firms in the country.

I struggled with finding the words to relay my thoughts on how I wanted my business to be represented, and I was also suffering from impostor syndrome.

Good Harvest Marketing helped me solidify who I am as a business owner and designer, and I learned to put into words what I am working to accomplish. Having that part of the process in place allowed me to create a business pitch that helped me secure a $5,000 business grant!

I feel more confident going forward that I know who I am, and can confidently share my brand.

Casey Hopkin

Casey Hopkin, Hazel Grace Limited

Casey Hopkin is the owner and lead designer of Hazel Grace Limited, where he focuses on high-end home remodeling projects as well as designing interiors for bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Marketing my business has always been a dismal chore, and something I never thought I needed to do… until it became clear that it was the ONLY thing I needed to do in order to be independent with my own business!

Doing this work really anchored me. It changes the way you view goals. My goals now seem more tangible, more serious… it’s a different way of thinking that has really impacted different parts of my life. I loved that the information was laid out methodically, which is how I learn and understand everything in life. The energy exchange was invaluable.

Stop what you’re doing and just contact GHM. They help you see what you don’t!

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Stephanie Georgoulakis, Life by Design Interiors

Stephanie Georgoulakis is the principal designer of Life by Design Interiors in San Antonio, Texas, where she specializes in both upscale residential and large-scale commercial interior design work.

I was a new business owner, and I was struggling with impostor syndrome. I knew that I needed to get some things started and set up, but I didn’t really know how.

Now I’ve identified who I really want to work with, my branding is now more me, and I have a website that I love, works for me, and is more in line with who I am as a designer.

If you want to be a successful designer and business owner, you need to have a good foundation. Don’t wing it!

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Stephanie Georgoulakis
Ashley Craumer

Ashley Craumer, Strawberry Hill Interiors

Ashley Craumer helps families in the Hudson Valley of New York achieve the home of their dreams.

“When we first started working together, everything you said sounded great, but I didn’t know how it was going to work for me.

Everybody tells you that you have to be on this, or on that, or that you have to spend all your money on all these things. I know there are designers out there spending all this money, and it’s not necessary. 

As I continue doing the things we talked about, my business continues to grow. And as much as my tail is busy spinning with work stuff, I know that my marketing is something I no longer need to stress about.

To sit here now and know that it’s working is just amazing!

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Katie Geddes, Katie Geddes Interiors

Katie Geddes Interiors is located in the downtown area of Milford, CT, and has been featured in monthly TV segments and the local town magazine.

My area is saturated with interior designers and I was just throwing out a net hoping to get clients. After working with GHM I’m now more strategic and targeted, and have a LOT more confidence.

GHM supported me every step of the way. Nona took extra time to personally give me her feedback and direction, and within 24-hours of taking action on her advice, I had a new consultation. Incredible! I’m so grateful to have found you.

Thank you for your incredible guidance and support, and to my fellow designers… it’s WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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Katie Geddes
Wendy Appleby

Wendy Appleby, Your Home By Wendy

Wendy helps empty-nesters in the Baltimore/DC areas and nationwide prepare for their next chapter in life with an upgraded lifestyle.

She’s been called “cupid” for her ability to listen to her clients’ goals and challenges and – through a renovation or remodel – transform their current living space into the home of their dreams.

“Nona is the real deal. Approachable, understanding, and a great listener. This is the first time I’m actually excited at the prospect of marketing my business!

Working with her made me realize how important it is to start with a comprehensive plan, so all of my energy and efforts are working towards a specific goal: reaching my ideal clients.”

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Carolyn Kimbro, Peachtree Studios

Carolyn Kimbro infuses charm back into people’s homes so they can fall in love with them again through her Huntsville, Alabama-based design firm.

“Since implementing the system, I have had multiple inquiries, and just scheduled my third and fourth paid consultations within 2 weeks! I used to be so shy, so it’s so great to be given tools to have the confidence to go into situations and know how to talk about my business without sounding apologetic… and I’m getting better at determining whether a prospective project is for an ideal client to see if it’s worth it or not.” 

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Carolyn Kimbro
Deb Morelli

Deb Morelli, Inspired Design by Deb

Deb Morelli is a Norwalk, Connecticut-based interior designer who creates comfortable homes for high-functioning, over-scheduled families so they can finally have it all.

“As a former marketer in the corporate world… it was hard for me to market for my own business as my pockets were not as deep! It was eye-opening to connect the dots of how I can grow my business doing what I am most passionate about, which is making people happy in their home and celebrating it.

It is so beneficial to have a credible and valued third-party who understands the business to act as your personal guide; to be an incredible cheerleader and a patient coach.”

Click here to check out Deb’s full video interview, “How one designer creates livable luxury.”

Carolina Bermeo, Caro Bermeo Designs

Carolina Bermeo started her design career in Ecuador, and now she’s a full-service interior designer based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.

Just a few months ago, it seemed like such a big, blurry picture. Everything seemed out of reach. I’m so happy that GHM helped me see the big picture clearly, but also walked me through every little part.

Everything became clearer, more approachable, and smaller – which is exactly what I needed. It made the whole process of building my business seem less scary.

Doing this has really given me the confidence to put myself out there.

Click here to check out Carolina’s full video interview, “How to liberate yourself using your business.”

Carolina Bermeo
Karen Loc

Karen Loc, Lore Design, Inc.

Karen Loc owns a full-service, international interior design firm based in New York City.

Before working with Good Harvest Marketing, I didn’t have much of a marketing strategy, and had zero knowledge of how important it is.

It piqued my interest how can I use my creativity in this other way, to make my business unique and show my brand and voice. It’s also tailored specifically for interior designers, so there’s a very curated approach to what works best for our industry.

GHM provides an incredible framework and roadmap. Even if you are just starting out, it gives you the knowledge to best market yourself, and empowers you to get the clients you want to work with!

Mandie Rodriguez, MLR Interior Design

Mandie Rodriguez of MLR Interior Design helps homeowners in Mississippi and Louisiana truly feel at home in their spaces.

My elevator pitch and getting my design consultation nailed down was the hardest part for me. I also wanted to learn how to reach out to potential referral sources.

I was randomly writing things and hoping something would stick! I actually like writing, but I struggle with what to write about and what angle I should be taking. Now, I feel more confident having a better plan in place.

I was worried this program would be like others I have tried, but it’s not. It’s full of good and practical information. I really enjoyed the weekly coaching calls.

GHM is really good at what they do, most especially because they are focused on working with interior designers.

Dee Dee Lear

Dee Dee Lear, Delaney's Design

Delaney’s Design creates 5-star, luxury-resort-style homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area that are inspired by her clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

Previously I was using the Houzz Pro program, Facebook, and client referrals for lead generation. While there was a level of effectiveness, they were no longer a viable marketing tool for me.

Working with Nona provided more than just the ‘nuts and bolts;’ she took a very personal interest in my business.

She helped me think through business goals and growth strategies, execute necessary implementation, and supported me in staying focused and on task.

GHM has continued to boost my confidence to stay in my ‘ideal client’ space and not get distracted with prospective clients that really are not the best fit for my business.” 

Jamie Laguilles, Domaine Interior Design

Jamie Laguilles owns Domaine Interior Design in Los Angeles, CA, where she helps clients redefine how they live.

As far as marketing goes, I was lost. I didn’t know how to do it or where to start, and I knew I needed help.

Learning how to hone in on my ideal client was eye opening. Knowing how and where to find my ideal client is a game changer!

Good Harvest Marketing helped me take a good look at where I am, what is working, what isn’t, and how to unify my business and brand to reflect who I truly am.

Interior design is such a unique niche, so traditional marketing will not always work. GHM understands that and hones in on the true value of interior design and how to personalize it to our unique clientele.

Jessica Claiborne-Bade

Jessica Claiborne-Bade, Borne Designs

Jessica Claiborne-Bade is a high-end interior designer in the Texas Hill Country who knows how to “get it done” with a smile… but you never forget who’s in charge when you work with her!

I was accepting projects and referrals that were causing me to really not enjoy my business, because they picked me… I didn’t pick them.

I was forced to look at the way I was doing business and change what wasn’t working for me. You helped me focus on what worked successfully in my business and finding ways to do that over and over again (aka a system.) I also learned how to grow my business through social media, referrals, and with email marketing.

Now I have better questions on my intake form, I’ve figured out who my ideal clients are and how to connect with them, and have a legit website!”

Judy Burrell, JB Custom Design

Judy partners with busy homeowners in the Las Vegas/Henderson area of Nevada on everything from their home’s foundation to its furniture. Her clients get to enjoy their lives while she takes care of all the details to ensure their projects are completed on time and on budget.

I was just getting off the ground floor with my new business and there were busy times and slow times; since then the business and I have grown exponentially!

I tend to be very routine and stay with what is comfortable. When realizing that marketing was not in my wheelhouse and made me a little uncomfortable, I needed to have someone that could show me the way.

Since starting [work with you], my business has a steady flow of clients and future business already scheduled. I do not have to advertise, my name is out there and people are coming to me.

I have not had to search for a client in months – in fact, I have my next twelve jobs lined up already!” 

Judy Burrell
Laura Elliot

Laura Elliott, Refined Interiors

Laura Elliott is the principal of Refined Interiors, a full-service interior design firm based in Berkeley, California that creates showcase homes for showcase lives.

Interior design is about relationships, and it’s a wonderful part of the business. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to focus on, but I hadn’t put the label of ‘marketing’ on it until I started working with you.

Before, I didn’t think that an ideal client was necessary – I just wanted to be busy. I thought that so long as I can get a project, I’ll be fine.

Now I’m selective about my clients, because I want to ensure I have a wonderful experience when I work on a project. I don’t want to just take any job, where maybe I don’t click with the client. I want a connection.

This was made for me… I’m so glad I did it!

Melissa Rondon, MJ Studio

Melissa Rondon helps new homeowners transform their first home into their dream home through her San Diego, California-based design firm.

“I was just starting out and didn’t really have a plan of where I was going. GHM helped me build a plan and gave me the tools to get there quickly.

Nona and her team are so supportive – you will get all your questions answered while implementing the building blocks of a strong foundation for your business.

Melissa Rondon
Amy Curtin

Amy Curtin, Indigo & Alabaster Design

Indigo & Alabaster Design is a Utah Valley-based full service interior design firm, and Amy Curtin is its CEO and Founder.

I was overwhelmed with the many aspects of marketing and where I should be placing my focus. You helped me break down what is most effective for connecting with my ideal clients and how to engage them effectively.

I was most unsure about social media and how to use it in my marketing strategies, and you helped me understand where to direct my resources.

The attention to detail specific to my business, coupled with actionable steps for immediate results, was extremely useful since it’s targeted for interior designers and understands both our business advantages and challenges.

I am absolutely thrilled with the help and advice I got while working with you!” 

Trish Bonney, TAB Interior Design

Trish Bonney specializes in remodeling spaces in Denver, Colorado for clients starting a new chapter in life.

My marketing was almost non-existent, and severely lacking. I also needed to know where my target clients are.

I love that GHM didn’t try to force me to make changes, just to make things better while respecting my current practices. There were so many insights that made a huge impact… like showing me where to find my target clients.

I appreciate that you took the time to explain things to fit my needs specifically. That patience and thoughtfulness is so refreshing.

Trish Bonney

Adrienne Gentry, A. Gentry Interiors

Adrienne Gentry of A. Gentry Interiors creates beautiful spaces that reflect her clients’ lifestyles, that are tailored to their priorities, and that help them to truly enjoy their homes.

I didn’t really know anything about formal marketing, so I just played it by ear and tried to do what seemed to make sense. I’d struggled in using social media, so I was a little hesitant in using it.

Now I’m learning to not be so afraid of social media posts. I’ve also learned how to streamline my design process for myself and my potential clientele. Working with GHM is a good way of seeing where you are with your business and learning the fundamental tools of how to get to where you want to go.

Amy Krause, Amy Krause Design

Amy Krause Design creates homes with effortless sophistication in the Kansas City metro area and beyond.

I was aware of some of what I needed to do, but I struggled with taking the next steps. Good Harvest Marketing helped me take the necessary steps forward.

I love that I now have a true ideal client profile, and that GHM taught me specifically how to speak to them in all forms of my marketing.

If you are ready to uplevel your marketing efforts to more effectively reach your ideal clients, GHM will walk you through every step to ensure your authentic voice comes through!

Amy Krause
Ruth Truman

Ruth Truman, Ruth Truman Interiors

Ruth Truman of Ruth Truman Interiors in Winchester, Virginia creates inspiring spaces for her clients.

I’ve always felt like I was treading water, but now I’ve started to get things scheduled out and more organized.

When it comes to clients, sometimes you have reservations, but you still agree to do the project because it’s work.

But now I think ‘It’s not the right person, it’s not the right project,’ and I can say ‘no’ and not do it, and know it’s going to be okay.

I’m finally able to say ‘no’ to clients, and that’s a win for me. It feels good!

Lesley Cullen, Lesley Cullen Interior Design

Lesley Cullen Interior Design curates spaces that bring joy to homeowners and match their lifestyles.

I was unsure how to best market my services. My marketing materials were disorganized, and I didn’t understand how to organize them. I also lacked a cohesive strategy to attract my ideal clients.

GHM understands the interior design business and has the ability to see the gifts of others. Not only do they help you get organized, they can determine what makes you special as an interior designer.

Now, I know the best practices for marketing my services and how to elevate my marketing processes with an organized system in place.

Jamilah Mottley Brown

Jamilah Mottley Brown, JM Interior Stylings

Jamilah Mottley Brown is the owner and principal designer of JM Interior Stylings, a full-service interior design firm based in Chicago that designs homes and offices that are works of art, sources of joy, and providers of comfort.

Working together [with Nona and GHM] helped me shift my lens on my value, pricing, and business systems. It was incredible, since tailored help for interior designers is hard to find.

Before, marketing my business was a chore and stressful, but now the guesswork is removed and I’m focused on what needs to happen, instead of trying to create things all by myself.

All I can say to my fellow designers is: this is what you’ve been wishing for!”

Krysten Ledet, Krysten Ledet Interiors

Krysten Ledet is an award-winning, nationally-acclaimed designer in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she creates high-end interiors that are the perfect mix of luxury and livability.

“I was feeling overwhelmed, overall. I was facing a lot of uncertainty, which had affected my confidence in myself and in my business.

I’m so happy that I decided to work with Good Harvest Marketing! I learned how to nail down who my ideal clients are, and how I can engage with them.

Now, I can spot the red flags in projects that do not align with my goals, and I finally have the confidence to say ‘no’ to these projects.

It feels amazing knowing the right messaging so that my ideal clients can find me!

Krysten Ledet
Barbara Schwarz

Barbara Schwarz, Avec Interiors

Barbara Schwartz, principal of Avec Interiors, updates vintage LA homes without sacrificing their unique history.

I had really closed myself off and wasn’t sure I even wanted to continue to make a go of it. I felt burned out. I had lost some confidence, I did not have pleasure in work, and I often felt taken for granted.

GHM gave me a way to focus on my business and see the potential of it, and has revived my confidence. It helped me focus on what my business is, what I want it to be, and what I need to do to get it there.

I actually started having fun working again!

Jenna Steckler, Jenna Steckler Interiors

Jenna Steckler owns Jenna Steckler Interiors, a Potomac-based interior design firm that creates elegant homes with an edge in Washington, DC.

As with the other programs I’ve participated in, I was worried that I would get overwhelmed, and not have enough support to get to the next level. GHM provided the level of accountability and structure I needed to make this work!

GHM is the real deal. You’ll end up spending more money going to someone else to fix your website, but they won’t necessarily speak to your ideal clients. With GHM, they work specifically for interior designers, so they understand me, my goals, and my ideal clients.

More than marketing, you also learn how to nourish your relationships with your clients!

Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts, Thrive Interior Design

Thrive Interior Design creates homes in the Austin, Texas area that feel effortlessly put together, achieving this result by partnering with over-scheduled families to meet all of their challenges, needs and desires.

Whether their goal is an organized, sleek kitchen, a living room where family can gather, or a backyard that’s ready for the neighborhood BBQ, Thrive Interior Design takes the pressure off busy families to work out all of the details on their own so they can make the most of their time together, instead. 

“I was just starting out when I started [working with you]; I am still new, but things are growing slowly but surely.

I’ve had three or four initial consultations scheduled already, which is great! I was also nervous about charging for them, but everybody paid.

I have really enjoyed learning from you all as much as I have! The tools and time hacks you provide are useful and necessary for any small business owner.”

Page Courts, Boxwood Court Interiors

Boxwood Court Interiors is a full-service interior design firm based in Charlotte, NC, where Page Courts transforms new or existing homes into cohesive spaces that exemplify a sense of refined living.

“I reached out to Good Harvest Marketing because I thought it would help fill in a number of gaps in the business side of my knowledge base and give me a good boost into my new life as a designer.

My greatest success is no longer feeling guilty for charging people what I’m worth.

Good Harvest Marketing taught me how to be successful and gave me all the tools I need to have more confidence in myself, which I am able to convey to clients, making them comfortable and confident in working with me.

This is such a wonderful investment in yourself. It’s not magic and you have to do the work, but it’s a process guaranteeing your success as long as you’re patient and do the work!

Page Courts
Ann McCoy

Ann McCoy, Red Door Design

Red Door Design helps well-traveled, sophisticated homeowners in the Chicagoland area with thoughtful, inventive, and “unique-to-you” residential interior design.

“I have always had a steady stream of clients, but I needed to up my game. With the interior design field rapidly changing with social media and new ways to interact with clients, I needed a system in place to get me organized and on point.

I loved the interaction with Nona. I felt like I was working with an old friend that was always positive and down to earth. She knew when to push me and gently nudge me to get things done.

Whether you are just starting out or if you’ve been in the business for many years, Good Harvest Marketing will get you on the right track: from identifying your company’s voice, to who you WANT your clients to be, from tracking your marketing tools, to presenting a fresh look on your business. This takes care of it all.”

Stephanie Hron, Ginger Blu Design

With more than 25-years’ experience working with clients ranging from global franchises to signature boutique restaurants, Ginger Blu Design helps restaurateurs open their doors on time, every time.

“I was just taking any type of residential and commercial projects that came my direction. They were not even close to my ideal client. Working with GHM really encouraged me to answer a lot of questions about my current business model that was not necessarily working for me.

The entire process really gave me the clarity to move forward. Nona and Grael are experts, and can save you a lot of time and money trying to figure this out on your own to save a few bucks.

Trial-and-error can be very costly – designers need to spend time designing, not trying to figure out marketing.”

Stephanie Hron
Iana Plum

Iana Plum, Beach Plum Interiors

Beach Plum Interiors transforms the lives of busy professionals in the coastal Massachusetts area.

Beach houses are designed for balance: to provide strength, serenity, and well-being. When life is hectic and fast-paced, you need a retreat to regroup and recharge.

“I love your ability to assist me in bringing the heart and authenticity into my business.

I’m gaining a lot of clarity – having a lot of ah-ha moments – and it feels right. It’s exciting, like I’m finally putting myself first.

People can see a difference in me and my business.

I tell them I have a great business coach specific to interior design – it’s life-changing.”

Margaret Wolfe, Magpie Interiors

Margaret Wolfe is the founder of Magpie Interiors in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, where she specializes in creating beautiful and balanced homes that speak to her client’s heart and soul.

As a designer, we build lifestyles for others everyday, so it’s important that we have a lifestyle for ourselves… and that’s what Good Harvest Marketing taught me! 

Before, I was chasing every and all business opportunities I could see. It had me running in all directions and not being effective. I had to make a change… and this was the time. Now I realize that I don’t have to take all business that comes my way. I’m looking forward to finally working with my ideal clients!

Margaret Wolfe
Tanya Shively

Tanya Shively, Sesshu Design Associates

Tanya’s built her reputation as a designer creating healthy homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, using materials that are free of the toxins that can bring on respiratory problems, allergic reactions, headaches, and other health issues in a home’s inhabitants.

“I was looking for someone who could help me streamline my message across all my marketing platforms.

I also wanted to work with someone who spoke the same marketing language I did, and Nona was the perfect fit.

Having an outside view on what my message is and who my ideal client is helped me get more clear myself.

I had been trying to piece it together but over the years the message just got more muddy.

Nona’s understanding and clarification on my message was spot on.”

Michaeline Fernandez, Butter & Velvet Home and Design

Butter & Velvet is a family-owned, heart-driven design and lifestyle business guided by the principles of transforming a house into a home that welcomes family and friends alike.

“Love, love, working with Nona! We hired GHM because we’d come to a marketing crossroads – we’d moved into a much bigger storefront and wanted to get our marketing going ASAP!

We loved working with Nona because she understands who we are and how to use marketing to really connect with our interior design clients and store customers.”

Michaeline Fernandez
Christine Newes

Christine Newes, Christine Interiors

Christine creates homes that speak for themselves. Her clients live in the New Jersey area, and they depend on her to make their dreams come to life through design.

“As an interior designer, I don’t know the ins and outs of marketing, so Nona’s ability to step in and take over was the real benefit.

She was enthusiastic, encouraging, and very knowledgeable in helping me.

Nona is very easy to work with, she responded back to me right away when I had questions or concerns, and was an incredible support.”

Terri Taylor, Interior Design Business Academy

Interior Design Business Academy provides information, education, workshops, business tools and mentoring to high-achieving interior designers and decorators who are serious about bringing their creative gifts to the world in a big way.

“Interior Design Business Academy is a fast-paced business with weekly newsletters, bimonthly marketing campaigns, and multiple training calls and webinars each quarter.

Nona has helped keep all of my marketing efforts on task and on time, and her copywriting skills have saved me hours and days of writing.

Nona’s dedication to help solve IDBA’s marketing challenges in her efficient, effective, and friendly manner makes it all that much better. I can depend on her to do what she says, when she says it, and know that she’s really on my team.”

Terri Taylor