Signing high-ticket clients and meeting your income goals

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Ashley Craumer of Strawberry Hill Interiors is a talented designer who helps families in New York’s Hudson Valley create the homes of their dreams.

When Ashley first went out on her own a little more than 18 months ago, she had a specific goal in mind: to replace the income she was making from her corporate job at Ralph Lauren.

Fast forward to today, and we recently jumped on a call to celebrate some great news: Ashley had just signed her biggest project to date!

The best part? This one new project accounts for fully HALF of her income goal for the entire year.

And not only did her new clients pay her in full with a check, they gave her no pushback on her proposal –  they’re just simply thrilled to be working with her!

Want to know how she did it? Check out the video below:

While working in corporate, Ashley learned the importance of doing business the right way from the start.

She knew she needed professional assistance to get her business up and running the way she wanted it to.

She also knew that a great business of her own was possible, but she just didn’t know how to do it all herself – that’s when she reached out to us.

Now, Ashley not only works with clients on projects that help her reach her income goals quickly, she’s finally able to fully unplug and go on vacations that she truly enjoys.

If Ashley’s experience is what you’d like to achieve for your design business, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and let’s collaborate to make your dreams come true, too!

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