Achieving a 5-year plan in only 5 months

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Carolyn Kimbro infuses charm into Southern homes through her Huntsville, Alabama-based interior design firm, Peachtree Studios.

She had just recently moved to Huntsville when she decided to open her own design business. Since she was new to the area, she relied purely on word-of-mouth to promote it.

Carolyn wanted to get her business out there more, but she was feeling stuck and frustrated with not knowing what to do. That’s when she decided to get the help she needed by working with us.

Fast forward to today, and we recently had a call where Carolyn shared some great news: just five months after working together, she’s already been able to achieve her 5-year plan!

Want to discover more about her journey? Check out the video below:

Not only did Carolyn achieve her goals more quickly than she ever thought possible, she’s gained more confidence in herself and her business since we worked together.

Now, what were once big, scary, audacious goals are within her reach!

If Carolyn’s story resonates with you, and you’d like to achieve the same results for your business, too, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and let’s get to work accomplishing your goals today!

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