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Carolina Bermeo is a full-service interior designer based in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in Ecuador, and started her design career there before she moved to the US.

Once here, Carolina did kitchen and bath design for Home Depot.

While there were parts of the job she loved… she felt stuck and severely limited as to what she could accomplish working for a big-box retailer, both creatively and financially.

Ultimately, she was unhappy with her working life… and it robbed her of the joy she got from doing what she loved most: design.

That’s when she made the decision to start her own business.

Watch this video to discover more about Carolina’s journey:

Carolina knew that she didn’t want to do this all on her own – it would take her forever, and she’d have to figure out everything as she went along. That could take years!

That’s why she reached out to us: so she could achieve the goal of launching her own business and replacing her income in months, not years.

Now, Carolina’s business is officially open, and clients are already reaching out to book their initial consultations with her.

If you’re a professional interior designer and you’re feeling overwhelmed with all you need to do to succeed, go ahead and book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and we’ll work together to get your business going fast!

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