Why one designer upped her marketing game… even when business was good

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Wendy Appleby is a Baltimore-based professional interior designer who’s been in business for 25 years.

While business had always been good for her, one day she had a realization: her competitors knew marketing a lot better than she did.

At first, she didn’t think much more about it. After all, she was signing clients and getting projects done.

But little by little, she noticed that other designers were surpassing her in quality of jobs and clientele… and she knew it was because they were doing better marketing.

That’s when she decided to step up her own marketing game!

Check out this video to discover how focusing on her marketing has changed Wendy’s business forever:

Even though her business was doing OK, Wendy knew she could be doing a lot better.

She also knew she had some limitations around marketing, but that didn’t stop her from starting. Instead, she reached out to get the help she knew she needed.

Now – ever since Wendy started working with us several years ago – she can’t remember a time when she was in a slump.

Her marketing has kept her top-of-mind with her clients and prospects, and her business has grown steadily.

Today, nearly all of Wendy’s projects involve her favorite work: transforming clients’ entire houses into the homes of their dreams.

If you’re ready to upgrade and start working on bigger projects and earning more income, too, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and we’ll work together to up-level your business next!

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