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Casey Hopkin is the principal of Hazel Grace Ltd, a Portland, Oregon-based design firm that specializes in creating livable luxury interiors.

Early on in his career, Casey’s work was featured in Luxe Interiors + Design magazine, which led to some good projects and a few referrals here and there for his practice.

Since he was trying to make a name for himself, Casey accepted pretty much every project that came his way – even if it didn’t feel right.

Working on projects that didn’t always inspire him eventually led to a feeling of burnout, and Casey hadn’t reached the level of design career he wanted anyway… so he got a job working for another designer.

But after working for someone else for nearly a year, Casey realized he’d be much happier working in his own business again.

But what would he do differently this time to ensure he succeeded on his own… on his own terms?

How would he get the clients he needed not only to survive… but to thrive?

Click on the video above to discover what happened next.

Ultimately, Casey decided to find expert help so that he could achieve his business goals and make the decision to go out on his own again pay off in a big way.

Now Casey only works on exactly the kind of projects and with the type of clients he’s always wanted to, and he feels much more in tune with his authentic self.

And he couldn’t be happier!

You might feel like taking on any and all projects is a good thing, because you’re trying to build a name for yourself, too.

However, not all projects are the perfect fit for you, and each project or client you take on that isn’t a good fit causes your business to become less and less rewarding.

If you’re at a point of your business or design career where you feel like you’re fizzling out, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< and let’s bring the passion back to your work and life!

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