Three tips for press-worthy photography for interior designers

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You’ve probably hired a photographer in the past, or are thinking about hiring one to take photos of a recent project.

It’s exciting to capture your work professionally, but if the photographer you hire doesn’t get you the photos you need, then it’s just a big ol’ waste of time, money, and effort!

So before you hire your next photographer, check out this video:

Recently we had the pleasure of connecting with Aaron Dougherty, owner of Aaron Dougherty Photography.

He’s a Dallas-based photographer who works with interior designers nationwide, and he also does shoots of the latest home-furnishing products (check out some of his recent work in House Beautiful.)

His three tips will help you get the most out of your next photoshoot to ensure your ideal clients make the decision to get in touch and hire you!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Photoshoots are a must-have for your business, but it’s not just about taking some iPhone shots and calling it a day. It’s important to work with a photographer who truly captures your creativity as a designer.

Download THE PHOTOSHOOT GUIDE HERE for your next project, and don’t forget to check out the video to discover the top three things you must keep in mind when it comes to your next photoshoot.

And if you’re ready to uplevel your design business alongside your photography, then book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< so we can discuss how to make it happen quickly for you!

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