Are you afraid of making the wrong impression?

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Lately we’ve been talking with a lot of interior designers who are afraid of making the wrong impression… and of being judged harshly for it.

Who are they nervous about being judged by?

Their clients?

Their spouse, maybe?

Nope – they’re super nervous about being judged negatively by other designers!

Listen, we get it: having the respect and admiration of your peers can be a good thing.

It can be wonderful.

But in the end, operating your business as though what other designers think about it is the single most important factor can be a costly – or even fatal – error.

So if you’re struggling to get the right kind of clients – or any clients at all right now, don’t wait.

Take action now and check out our training video.

Life is too short to spend it waiting for the permission or approval of others.

Check out our training video now to discover what designers are doing to thrive today!

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