Are you afraid of making the wrong impression?

Lately we’ve been talking with a lot of [...]

How do interior designers make more money?

Making good money as an interior designer can be [...]

Being intentional in design… and business

Nicki Heiner is the founder of Design Hill [...]


The dark underbelly of interior designers

Have you ever been excited about a design project [...]


Working with your bff: bad news for interior designers?

Your relationships are a key to your success as an [...]

All talk & no show: escaping the bad rep of interior designers

Being an interior designer [...]


Life is too short

Life is short. Too short. I recently visited our family ranch, and it [...]

Connecting with your ideal client

You may feel that in order to be successful in your [...]

Financial Independence

When you decide to start your own design business, there will be [...]

3 truths every professional interior designer must know

Everybody wants their business to [...]

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