The dark underbelly of interior designers

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Have you ever been excited about a design project you just completed, but still been worried about being judged negatively about it?

Recently, one of the designers we worked with shared about a really big win she’d just had. The project was a first-ever for a US-based interior designer, and – despite working within a limited budget – she’d done the very best work that she possibly could.

She’d gotten some amazing responses to her work, too… and yet, as she was telling the story, she was not celebrating.


Watch this video to find out:

It was all because of a single fear: the fear of what other designers would think about the work!

Can you relate?

Look, as an interior designer, your work will be judged by a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean you have to surround yourself with folks who snub your work or who don’t celebrate your wins.

Instead, find a community of designers who celebrate you, and who understand that a win for one designer is a win for all designers.

If you’re wondering where to find a community of interior designers who have your back, then watch this quick video and book a Breakthrough Call to discuss joining a supportive group of designers who recognize your talent and creativity, and who’ll always celebrate your wins!

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