Do you have a marketing strategy… or only tactics?

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I spoke with a designer recently who was ready to start doing things differently in her business. She’d decided she wanted to make a dedicated effort to grow this year.

She took action by meeting with an SEO company to help her site be found more easily on the internet. Pretty soon, new prospects were reaching out to her, just like she wanted.

The problem was, all she attracted from the increased search activity was tire-kickers and looky-loos.

What went wrong?

It’s simple: this designer had a new tactic, but not a new strategy.

The idea is to work with people who specialize in different areas (SEO, social media, etc.) and collaborate with them on their tactics because it supports your overall strategy.

But before you hire someone to do anything in your business, make sure you have a strategy in place first!

If right now you’re unsure about this, then we invite you to book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE <<< because having a marketing strategy makes your life so much easier… and leads to success so much quicker!

It’s time to really hone in on your strategy… and eliminate tactics that don’t support it.

Knowing if what you’re doing for marketing is a tactic or a strategy can be confusing, but it’s so important to understand the difference so you can use your resources effectively. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Book a complimentary call today, and let’s identify how to help you stand out and start generating a pipeline of projects that make you leap out of bed with excitement every day!

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