How to build a great reputation as a designer

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The first thing many professional interior designers focus on is their “brand.”

They think that once they have the right brand (logo, colors, business cards, website, etc.), they’ll start attracting the right kinds of clients, and then eventually, they’ll start landing the kinds of jobs they’re truly excited about.

But here’s the truth: clients aren’t attracted to your brand colors or marketing collateral… they’re attracted to designers who they feel can solve their problems for them.

There’s no amount of ‘branding’ you can buy to build trust with your ideal clients so they choose you for their next whole-home remodeling project.

You can spend thousands of dollars on a brand package, but all you’ll get is a beautiful collection of items that – while it may reflect you and your style – isn’t why an ideal client will choose you over another designer.

If you really want to build a thriving business with a pipeline of ideal clients and projects – stop what you’re doing right now and check out this quick video.

Building your ideal client list is a process.

If you’re wondering how to build your reputation and start attracting the right kinds of clients, then we invite you to check out this quick video so you can finally start working with the clients who appreciate you and pay you what you’re worth!

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