What to do when you have clients who push back and price shop

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There are all sorts of clients out there. Some know what they want, listen to your advice, and collaborate with you to make their dream home come true.

Then there’s the opposite type: the difficult client. Clients who push back on every design decision… and even go so far as to price shop your designs!

How do you take control of the situation so you can protect your wallet – and your sanity?

Watch this video to discover how to deal with difficult clients like these.

Look, it’s normal for clients to ask questions.

Clients will always have questions, and you may even get some pushback… and that’s okay! But these conversations can quickly go south, and eventually lead to your worst nightmare: an unhappy client who damages your reputation.

If you’re experiencing this yourself, and it’s affecting your confidence and your business, then we invite you to book a complimentary BREAKTHROUGH CALL HERE<<< so that you can get your mojo back where it belongs.

You deserve clients who listen to you, who trust your expertise, and who are excited to pay you what you’re worth for your work!

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