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I was afraid.

I’d failed two straight tests in a row during my Air Force technical training, and now I was afraid that I’d never finish successfully… and would end up with some crap job, at some crap base… and my future would be RUINED!

At the time, I had terrible test-taking anxiety. Sure, I could answer all of the questions correctly if asked to explain them outside of a test-taking environment… but inside it, it seemed like I filled in the wrong bubble every single time.

That’s when a friend gave me a recommendation that changed my career (and my outlook on life) forever.

My friend recommended that I listen to my favorite song before class to boost my ‘tude – and to help me get my mind right for tackling those pesky bubbles.

Since I was desperate to pass, the very next day at 3 pm on the dot, I played my favorite jam before running downstairs and heading off to class.

From that day forward, a jam session like this became my regular ritual before class.

Fast forward three weeks to the day of my final exam. I stayed true to my ritual, even though I was scared out of my skull that the Air Force would be choosing a new, much worse job for me if I failed another exam.

But guess what: I didn’t fail! Instead, I passed my final exam, moved on to my base and job of choice, and never looked back.

What song did I listen to, you ask?

Just a little ditty by one of the indisputably best bands of all time, The Beastie Boys:

I use the jam session technique to this day. I have a selection of songs already queued in Spotify to play before an important meeting, when I’m up against a deadline, or when I’m searching for motivation to GSD (Get Stuff Done).

Do yourself a favor: the next time you feel down, overwhelmed, or just have a general desire to crawl back in bed under the covers and hide out from the day… put one of your favorite jams on and dance it out.

Move your body, feel the energy — and get your mind right for expressing the awesomeness that is you!

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