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How Your Design Business is Like Linda Ronstadt's Career - Good Harvest Marketing

How Your Design Business is Like Linda Ronstadt’s Career

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“What do you mean Linda Ronstadt sings in English?!”

I grew up listening to Linda Ronstadt’s classic Spanish-language record Canciones de Mi Padre. The first 45 seconds of “Los Laureles” pretty much sums up my early childhood, in fact (Spanish was my first language.)

To this day, this song hits me deep in my soul, and I get goosebumps every time I hear it… plus, I’ve got a mean grito game! 🙂

OK, fast forward to when I was stationed in Mississippi in the early 2000’s, while serving in the Air Force. My new roommate was from Austin, Texas, and we were bonding over our shared love of music.

Explaining what life was like for me as a little kid, I said:

  • “My favorite singer was Linda Ronstadt.”
  • “Me too,” shares my roomie.
  • “Wow, you know who she is?”
  • “Of course, I love her songs.”
  • “No way, I didn’t know you speak Spanish!”
  • “I don’t.”
  • “Then how do you know who she is?”
  • “Because of all her hit songs!”
  • “What? What are you talking about?!”

At this point I’m totally confused… and that’s when she says, “She sings in English, Nona.

She then proceeds to name a bunch of songs I love, and even know all the words to: “Blue Bayou,” “You’re No Good,” “Somewhere, Out There” – and now, I’m totally speechless.

I had no idea Linda Ronstadt sang those songs… because I had no idea Linda Ronstadt sang in English!

How did I not know this… and what else didn’t I know? How was this secret kept from me for so long?!

What does this have to do with your design business?

A lot, actually:

  • You may think your clients know about every service you provide.
  • You may think your referral partners know what kind of clients and jobs you’re looking for.
  • You may think everyone in your town or community knows what you do.

And in each of these cases, you’d be completely wrong!

You have to constantly stay in front of your prospects, clients, and referral partners, sharing what you do with them. You have to stay “top-of-mind.”

Even if they love you and love working with you, you have to remind them. Constantly!

And the way you do that, is through marketing. That’s how you stay in front of your prospects, clients, and referral partners…

So when they’re ready to do business, they think of you first.

Want to chat about how to make that happen for you in your design business? Then please CLICK HERE <<<

Schedule a call with us at breakthroughcall.us, and let’s talk. Let’s talk about what’s going on now in your business, and together, let’s discover what you need to take your practice (and your life) to the next level!

Don’t forget: you could be a world-famous pop star, and there’d still be some people out there who don’t realize you can sing in a whole other language! Xo.


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