La Vie est Belle: Maison&Objet Paris

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I’m just back from Paris – and if you’ve never been, dahling, I must tell you that Maison&Objet is everything it’s cracked up to be… and more!

It’s clean, well-organized, and smaller and more manageable than Market.

It’s also totally different than I thought it would be.

Maison isn’t just about discovering new furniture and accessories (though it is a bit of a “sneak peek” before fall Market) nor is it about buying furniture (shipping alone would cost an arm and a leg!)

No, Maison is all about ideas: being inspired by new and original designs while basking in the glow of one of the world’s great cities… and breaking out of the ho-hum routine of everyday life!

It’s about starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee, a croissant fresh from the oven, and the crisp fall air that makes for perfect sweater weather.

(TRUTH: It doesn’t hurt to wake up in a room well-appointed with Gaston y Daniela wallpaper and a world-class view of the Pantheon, either!)

Going to Maison is about dropping into a new world… and (re)discovering yourself at the same time.

You see some of the same items you see every day in your business – but in a totally new way.

You begin to ask yourself questions about your business and your life:

  • Are you fully expressing yourself and your creativity through your designs?
  • Are you working with the kinds of clients who inspire you… or who suck the life out of you?
  • Are you spending your days the way you want… or just going through the motions of living?

Because, let’s face it: the French know how to live life – and live it well.

Whether it’s their delicious cuisine, their lovely parks, their chic sense of style, or their more humane, leisurely pace of life… it’s nearly impossible to find yourself in the cosmopolitan world of Paris and not discover a new well of creativity bursting forth from within.

And in the end, isn’t that what you really provide for your clients?

Sure, you provide your expertise when it comes to understanding space, color, and utility… but it’s your unique tastes, passions, abilities, and inspirations that transform their ordinary house into an extraordinary home.

If lately you feel like you’ve lost a bit of your passion for design and for working with clients – then let’s talk.

Being a residential interior designer can be a very rewarding career – one where you express your creativity while living a life of great personal freedom.

It can also be very lucrative if you have the ability and know-how to choose who you work with, instead of taking whatever job you have to in order to make ends meet.

Isn’t it time you lived the life of your dreams?


This call is a chance to get clear about what’s not working in your business, what you want your working life to look like, and how much money and freedom you want. It’s 100% free, and you’ll never think about your design practice the same way again.

Remember, it’s the stuff of your life that makes you unique – that draws clients in, that makes them choose you over another designer… and that makes them come back to you for project after project.

And you shine brightest when you understand what makes you special… and show it off for everyone to see!

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