The Holiday Slowdown: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Let’s face it: the holidays can be terrifying.

No, not because you’ll:

  1. Squeeze into one too many pairs of Spanx before every holiday party… or suffer the same tight squeeze flying coach to visit mom
  2. Forget that it’s your responsibility to move the elves on the shelves… or the mensches on the benches (but your kids will never forget that one time they were in the same place!)
  3. Break out in a panic when uncle Ed corners you at a family gathering so he can regale you with his opinions about the current political situation.

No, this time of year can be scary because so often, business stops.

The holidays are a time when your phone stops ringing, prospective clients don’t return your emails, and those clients who were already in your pipeline sometimes start to pull back, put projects on hold, or even decide to “do things on their own.”

Can you relate?

And even though you knew the holiday season roller-coaster ride was coming, it doesn’t make it any easier while you’re holding on for dear life until the next upswing in projects hits.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining:

During this festive but oh-so-frightening time in business, there’s an amazing opportunity staring you right in the face: more free time.

All you have to decide is how you’ll use it. Either you can:

  • Sit in front of your computer cruising social media, drinking coffee, shuffling papers, staring at your inbox, getting more and more nervous… and just waiting until something (anything!) happens so you can book another job, pay your bills, and feel like you’re not one foot in the poor house


  • You can take advantage of this relatively quiet time of the year to regroup, refocus… and start creating the design business of your dreams!

A business where you will:

  • Get new prospective clients reaching out to you like clockwork on a regular basis
  • Leap out of bed each day excited to work with ideal clients who simply love you and your work
  • Work exclusively with clients who respect you and your expertise, and who are happy to pay you on time… every time!
  • Land bigger, better projects and feel just fine about turning away smaller, unfulfilling, or unprofitable jobs
  • Have a steady, reliable flow of income every single month – enough to put all your bills on autopay, plan for an unplugged and real-deal vacation, pay for a personal trainer, and even have some cash left over at the end of the month to put into savings… or do whatever else your heart desires!

If you’re ready to create an actionable plan for attracting affluent interior design clients to your business that’s reliable and repeatable, yet still unique to you – then let’s talk.

Schedule a Breakthrough Session now, and let’s work together on getting clear about what you want for yourself and your business next year!

Take this opportunity of the brief “lull” of working in your business to work on your business, so you can start the year off strong as a chooser of clients and projects… instead of a beggar.

P.S. There’s still time left this year to create and to celebrate!

Make the most of this “slow” time to set up your business for success… and make the most of your passion, creativity, and money-making skills in the new year!

Schedule your complimentary call here – and soon you’ll be joyfully celebrating that you did!

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