What You & Nike Have in Common

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How do I market my interior design practice?

That’s a question I hear a lot when talking with designers… and for many of us, there seems to be a desire for a magic bullet, that one tactic or activity that’ll solve all our marketing, business, referral, and money issues.

You don’t have to go far before you run into an expert urging you to market your business by trying:

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • A Youtube channel
  • A glossy ad in a magazine
  • Creating a new website

If you’re wondering what the answer is for your business, then I’m guessing you’re getting a lot of opinions thrown at you, as well. (Video! Podcasts! Email! Instagram! Networking! And on and on… and on.)

Truth be told, it’s simply overwhelming when everyone but you seems to know what your business needs to succeed.

But there’s another question to ask entirely to discover the correct answer for marketing your business… but first I want to share my recent visit to the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon to help illustrate my point.

Every inch of the Nike headquarters is designed to spark creativity.

From the architecture and interior design to the thousands of creatives walking around, playing pick-up games of soccer, riding bikes between buildings, and having team meetings with stunning views of the campus’ pond and Japanese garden, Nike is designed to foster creativity.

What especially struck me during my visit, though, was the company’s origin story.

It was originally founded as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

Just do this.

In 1964, Phil Knight contacted Bill Bowerman about this new style of shoe he’d just invested in, because Knight knew his ideal customers were runners, and who better to reach out and partner with than Coach Bowerman, the head track coach at the University of Oregon?

Knight knew that success in business always starts with knowing your ideal customer or client. He understood that Bill Bowerman knew how runners thought about running – and themselves. What they loved (and hated) about the sport. What they wanted in a shoe.

It was that insight into their ideal customer that led to Nike’s ultimate success in the market. And today, Nike is one of the world’s most recognizable global brands.

And now for the lesson, my friend: you need to be like Nike!

You need to know who your ideal client is – to make it crystal-clear you understand who they are and what their unique problems consist of – and then to position yourself as THE interior designer to solve them.

The kind of interior designer who will transform their problem into a solution, and create a home that unites their family, impresses their co-workers, and/or becomes a sanctuary from their overly-scheduled life.

(SPOILER ALERT: Your ideal client is more than 1. has a lot of money and 2. is always out of town!)

Stop stressing about how to market your business, and start focusing on your ideal client, instead – then build your marketing system from there.

Nike’s rise to global dominance started by answering the same question you need to ask when it comes to marketing your interior design practice:

Who are your ideal clients?

If you’re not sure who your ideal clients are, or how to ensure you’re the ONLY option for them when it comes to their interior design needs, then let’s talk!

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This is a gift from me to you, because if you’re an amazing interior designer who is sick and tired of feeling like your business is simply something you do every day to survive… something that is in total control over your life and schedule, rather than something you’re intentionally creating to support the creative life you want to live… then it’s time we had a chat, my friend!

To sum up: if you’re not already crystal clear on your ideal client, don’t bother with discussions about social media or magazine ads or making videos – it’ll end up wasting both your time and money.

You deserve to feel in control of your business – it exists to serve you and your dreams… not the other way around.

Remember: you’re awesome… and let’s chat!

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