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Spending time with other creatives is an absolute necessity.

It helps to get out of your own head and fill your cup with inspiration, innovation, and some good, old-fashioned “ah-ha” reminders.

This year’s Interior Design Society annual conference was held in gorgeous Palm Springs, CA – and it was incredible!

Hands down, the ART and IDS Annual Conference is well worth attending – whether you go for the fabulous cocktail parties, to make a difference on volunteer projects with Habitat for Humanity, or to attend a marquee awards ceremony (that absolutely called for getting my hair done professionally, thank you very much!)

One of the main topics of this year’s conference was luxury design and high-end clients – and what they expect when working with you.

A quick summary is: professionalism, systems, order, a sense of understanding, and perhaps most important: simply looking like someone who works with high-end clients!

“Looking the part” doesn’t just mean having the right handbag or car… it means living in a thoughtfully put-together world.

Your car doesn’t need to be a Tesla… but it does need to be clean!

It’s a great reminder to take a close look around your environment, because it’s not about the material things you own, it’s how your external world reflects your internal world… and your sense of self.

So do yourself a favor: take a peek at your desk and see if there’s something lying there that needs to be dealt with. Rather than putting it off for later, take the few seconds or minutes it takes, and take care of it now!

And if you find yourself thinking that the thing you really need to take care of is your marketing… then let’s talk.


This is a chance for us to meet and discuss what’s going on in your business, where you want to go, and how to make it happen as quickly as possible! It’s a gift from me to you, and there’s no pressure.

Think of it as a chance to have a conversation all about you… one that will spark you own “ah-ha” moment!

Until next time, stay fabulous – and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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